Welcome to Summer Strength & Speed 2021!  THE OFFICIAL START DATE IS JUNE 14th!  We are excited to have the opportunity to work with your athlete(s).  Those that are familiar with our program have probably noticed that all the middle school sessions are at the same time.  We have done this to help those that have multiple grade level athletes be able to coordinate rides better and utilize our coaching staff more effectively.   This is a bit of a change for us so there may be some hiccups along the way.  We thank you for your patience in advance.  Here is some general info for you and your athletes:


Drop-Off/ Pick-Up - Athletes should be dropped off by Door D at Elk River High School.  There will be a sign outside to help you with this. They should wait outside patiently for their coach who will instruct them as to where they will start.  Please be MASKED while waiting.

COVID REQUIREMENTS: Athletes WILL NOT be REQUIRED to wear masks while attending any part of S&S  (inside or outside).  The wearing of masks will be left up to the individual athlete.

What to Bring: Athletes should come dressed ready to participate in shorts and a t-shirt.  Each athlete should bring a water bottle marked with their name with them every day.  They should bring it with them to all of their running activities and should leave it outside the weight room when they come in.

Expectations:  Athletes are expected to attend as much as they are able.  The summer is busy, and we understand that there are other commitments, but the more they attend the more they will get out of the training.  It is proven that stimulating the neuromuscular system is beneficial to competition performance. Their hydration level, nutrition and sleep will affect their performance more than the work they do at S&S.  


Rain/Heat Days: On days that it is raining and/or the chances are very good that it will, we will communicate by email and Twitter (@er_strength).  We do our best to communicate this as soon as possible. We will continue to use the method of hanging a RED Sheet in Door D if we only have a 1 hour session and a GREEN sheet in the Door if we will have a full 2 hour session.  


Finally, we ask that you remind your athletes that they need to be respectful and listen to coaches as well as positively represent the program when they are out and about the community.